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Metal Manufacturers in Australia

Kenro Metal Services is a metal manufacturing company based in Queensland that serves clients throughout Australia and the world. We are able to fabricate high-quality metal components and provide various metal manufacturing services.

Our meticulous standards are built into everything we do – from major, complex fabrications through to intricate welded applications. Furthermore, we invest heavily in equipment and manpower to deliver the highest quality in every project, whether it involves precision machining or mass production and assembly of metal goods.

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From manufacture of small welded components to larger fabrication, painting and assembly work, we have the machinery and labour.

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Contract Manufacturing

We regularly work on a contract basis with many companies that choose us as their outsourced metal manufacturer. We have all the equipment and implement industry-leading practices to fabricate your metal components.

Kenro’s experience in working for numerous companies enhance our ability to provide turnkey solutions for every situation. We serve a host of industries, from civil and construction to agriculture, rail, resource and energy, automotive and many more.

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Civil and Construction

We have been manufacturing in Australia for over 35 years, in the agricultural, rail, civil, construction, resource and other industries. Our team works hard to meet your end-to-end needs; we make sure to provide everything you need down to the most exact specifications. Our staff will also make sure that you get everything on time for the completion of your project.

Kenro continues to edge out other metal manufacturers in Australia and have worked with the largest construction firms in the country. We have completed projects and you can count on us on critical periods. We are committed to prompt delivery, regardless of the situation.

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Looking for high-quality railway metal fabrication? Think Kenro Metal Services. We’re an industry leader in the design, manufacture, supply, maintenance and refurbishment of railway components.

The rail industry is a critical contributor to Australia’s economic growth, national productivity and prosperity. We’ve worked alongside it since 1979, honing our knowledge and product offering to deliver fit for purpose solutions, regardless of size.

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Resource and Energy

We have extensive experience in the resource and energy sector and have worked on many projects of considerable complexity.

When constructing colossal infrastructures to meet the energy needs of the public, Kenro Metal Services can manufacture everything from the smallest components to large fabrications.

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