Kenro Metal Services: Experts in Welding, Fabrication, Finishing and Assembly

Kenro Metal Services: Experts In Welding, Fabrication, Finishing And Assembly

Kenro Metal Services: Experts in Welding, Fabrication, Finishing and Assembly

Conveniently located in Toowoomba, Queensland, Kenro Metal Services is a very reputable manufacturer. They produce your metal products exactly to your specifications. They also finish it with your preferred coating, assemble it and deliver it to your door within the agreed lead time.

Kenro Metal Services has been in business for 33 years as metal fabricators and has consistently provided expertise metal processing and bending services Australia-wide. The company manufactures products for many different industries such as mining & resources, rail, construction, agriculture, automotive to name a few. When it comes to metal, Kenro Metal Services is a leader in Australia, offering a complete service including metal fabrication, bending and pressing & stamping. The following are the key services that the company specializes in.

Welding and Fabrication

Metal Fabrication is basically the process of making manufacturing products out of metal. This may involve processing steel, and welding the components together.. When making requests for services there is a huge range of services which may be utelised in producing a fabrication: Such as cutting, punching, guillotining, folding, bending,pressing just to name a few. Precision processes may be required too, such as milling, turning and tapping. Kenro Metal Services has a highly trained team of welding tradesmen who are qualified per AS1554.1 SP standards, ensuring that your project gets the attention it deserves.

Kenro offers a number of types of welding, which are used in different applications for big or small fabrication jobs.
MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is a method of welding in which the filler metal wire supplies the electric current to maintain the arc, which is shielded from the access of air by an inert gas, usually argon.
TIG (Tungsten-electrode Inert Gas) welding is the method of welding in which the arc is maintained by a tungsten electrode and shielded from the access of air by an inert gas.
Arc Welding is welding by means of the heat of an electric arc.

Sheet Metal Work

Their skilled workforce also produces products that require various sheet metal components. They have modern machinery for doing notching, radius corners, profile cutting, guillotining and other shapes and designs that require the expertise of highly trained tradesmen. Call them today to discuss your sheet metal requirement.


Today’s CNC technology helps to provide better lead times and produce higher quality products.. Kenro has experience in providing services such as thread rolling and cutting, tapping milling and and multi axis machining. They will analyse your project and work according to your machining requirements.


In addition to manufacturing your products, Kenro can also provide a full range of coatings and finishing touches, Whether it is a small fabrication project that needs galvanizing or powdercoating, or a larger fabrication project that requires blasting, undercoating and painting, Kenro Metal Services arranges the finishing touches to your project. Theyassemble and package your productsand then deliver it to you within the agreed lead time!

I am sure you will find that Kenro Metal Services is the preferred one stop shop for metal fabrication and welding. The company is located in Queensland and has been in business for over 30 years. They are constantly training their staff Best Practices and doing whatever it takes to fabricate quality products and deliver them in a timely manner to anywhere in Australia.

If you have a project that needs metal fabrication to be done on time , finished, assembled, packaged and delivered directly to you, then Kenro Metal Services is your solution. Call 07 4699 9888.