Metal Cutting Services: our ability to serve you is soaring to new heights!

Metal Cutting Services: Our Ability To Serve You Is Soaring To New Heights!

Metal Cutting Services: our ability to serve you is soaring to new heights!

In-line with Kenro’s commitment to implementing innovative improvements, we have recently installed our versatile new Hydmech M-16A Automatic Bandsaw to enhance our metal cutting services.

This offers fast, super-accurate, straight and variable angle cutting of large and small steel sections.

We’ve cut time, wastage AND money.

Our new Hydmech Bandsaw brings substantial, threefold savings to your bottom line in terms of time, materials, and money.


Fully programmable for multiple cut lengths and angles in one pass. This saves on machine setting, and process time, with no loss in momentum.


Optimise the use of materials, by nesting variable component lengths into your feed-stock. This reduces offcuts, and maximises material yield.


In manufacturing,the two biggest cost factors are labour and materials. This latest metal cutting technology brings you savings in both these areas.

Machine capacity:

Dimensions: 406mm H x 635mm W (smaller capacity for angle cutting)
Mitre Cutting: 90° to 30°
Accuracy: 0.15mm in cut length – Perfect angle consistency
Pack cutting: Yes

Length of stock: Unlimited

If you would like to know more about the latest addition to Kenro’s metal cutting services – or to arrange a quote – call us now on 0746 999 888 or simply click here to contact us.