Metal Fabrication solutions for your project

Metal Fabrication solutions for your project

You may not realize that you use metal in  your everyday life. As technology develops and production efficiencies increase, more components are produced globally out of metal. Metals come in a wide variety of grades. From extra tough bizalloys which maintains its strength and does not deteriorate easily, down to soft alloys such as alumnium Some are flexible enough to be molded into different shapes and forms. Metal has made it possible for Kenro to create products of unparalleled quality. These products are used in mines and in industrial applications as well as our everyday needs such as lawn mowers and ladders. The process wherein metal is joined and formed is called metal fabrication. A project that uses metal fabrication may range from a simple weld to large, complex structures.

There are many industries that benefit from the use of metal. Some of these industries are mining and resources, agriculture, transportation, building and construction, the power industry, civil construction, safety, racking, fencing and the automotive industry.

Let Kenro Metal Services take care of your metal fabrication challenges. We specialize in metal component manufacturing and quality  fabrication. We provide complete services to manufacturers and wholesalers across a wide range of industries throughout Australia.

Kenro has the facilities and expertise to manufacture your components and products to your exact specifications.Our metal services have specialty processes that are based on the needs of our customers.  Our many services include cropping, guillotining, sawing, punching, stamping, pressing, bending, drilling, tapping, welding and fabrication. We also offer laser and profile cutting, turning and machining services.

You do not have to worry production costs or machine outlay  to produce quality metal products. Kenro has up to date equipment and skills to give you high quality metal products that are made according to your specifications at a fixed cost.

We understand the importance of your products being supplied on time. Therefore, Kenro’s production and quality systems constantly monitor the progress of your components to ensure that our agreed delivery schedules are achieved.

Our customers don’t need to worry about corrosion protection. We add the finishing touches to an already comprehensive service, Kenro can electroplate, galvanize, powder coat or paint your components. Following manufacture and finishing, we can assemble, pack and deliver your order to your door.

Moreover, you are confident that your orders are handled by competent people. At Kenro we constantly train our staff. We implement best practice programs to ensure we are making your products in the safest, most efficient way!.

With our consolidation of your needed products and services, Kenro Metal Services is your one stop shop for all your metal needs. We want to gain your confidence and build a lasting customer relationships with you through our excellent customer service, quality products and our friendly team.

Please call us today at this number (07) 4699 9888 to find out how we can help you!