Kenro Metal Services: Metal Stamping Experts

Kenro Metal Services: Metal Stamping Experts

Kenro Metal Services: Metal Stamping Experts

Kenro Metal Services is an Australian company that specialises in metal fabrication, metal stamping, welding, metal bending and most kinds of metal processing. Basically, if you have a metal project that needs to be handled from the planning stages all the way to delivery, then Kenro can help you get it done.

Impressive Longevity

This company has been successfully doing business for 33 years and is conveniently located in Toowoomba, Queensland. You can trust your metal project to this very credible and experienced company. Also, when it comes to steel fabricators, experience says a lot because the industry requires attention to detail and precision. If Kenro did not have qualified tradesmen, attentive customer service personnel or top of the line equipment, it would not have been able to survive in the metal fabrication industry for more than 30 years.

There are younger companies that can get the job done also, but why take the chance when Kenro has proven itself to be a leader in metal stamping? They can handle both large and small projects based upon your needs. Pressing requires precision, and can include a lot of different steps to produce the product exactly the way that you need it. You want to employ a company that has years of experience perfecting these various processes. Kenro can provide this type of metal stamping service to your satisfaction.

Reputable Experience

Kenro is very capable of handling guillotining, notching, stamping, and producing any other metal project that requires quality expertise. The company makes use of the best equipment in the industry. Their machines can skilfully complete projects in a precise and quick manner. Their team will handle the project in the initial stages all the way until it is delivered to you. This includes finishing accents like painting and powder coating. If it involves stamping metal, Kenro can handle it in an extremely efficient manner.

Top Notch Equipment

Kenro makes use of the latest presses and tools that make it much easier to complete projects as required. In addition, you can expect to receive your products at an affordable cost. If you are concerned about the quality and capability of these machines, then you have nothing to worry about when engaging Kenro’s services. The company has C-frame presses that range from 30 tonnes all the way to 250 tonnes, which means that the company is used to handling projects of all sizes.

Other companies just do not provide the expertise, attention to detail and award-winning customer care that Kenro does. This is very evident by the many positive customer testimonials that the company receives. Kenro is a leader in the metal fabrication industry, and it shows. Automotive, electricity, rail, mining, construction, and fencing are just a few of the industries with which Kenro deals. It has plenty of happy customers within all of these industries.

This can be expected from a company that puts out quality products to your specifications on time each and every time. Kenro understands that time and money are very important to you. The company is committed to making sure that your most recent project is just as important as your first. The company will continuously strive to keep you as a valued customer.