Mineral Processing Equipment: Kenro supplies export quality mining products.

Mineral Processing Equipment: Kenro Supplies Export Quality Mining Products.

Mineral Processing Equipment: Kenro supplies export quality mining products.

Kenro Metal Services mining products are to be found throughout Australia, from Emerald and the Bowen Basin in Queensland to far North Western Australia.

They are also used extensively in the Hunter Valley, Wollongong, and in mining operations in regional Victoria and Tasmania.

Our mining products have also found their way to Quebec Canada, where they are used in the Bloom Lake Iron Ore Mine.

And once again we have gone offshore, all the way to gold and diamond-rich Liberia in West Africa.

Kenro export mineral processing equipment to West Africa

Kenro recently produced innovative Launder Support Frames for a long-term client who had been commissioned to supply mineral processing equipment to this busy Liberian mine.

(For the benefit of those not in the mining industry, a launder is a trough used for conveying materials such as molten metal and slurry from one point to another for further processing.)

Usually these support frames are made of heavy-duty fibreglass, however as they would be carrying heavier mineral concentrate in this instance, it was decided to make them ultra-heavy duty by using steel reinforced fibreglass.

Kenro gets more and more involved.

Kenro has been supporting this particular mining client for over 20 years, manufacturing and supplying an ever-growing range of parts for their mineral processing equipment.

Our involvement with this overseas project also grew exponentially.

We originally assisted with the research and development of the launder support frames, then produced and delivered samples, and continued to produce more and more components as the project developed.

Our capabilities commenced with contract manufacturing, followed up by welding and fabrication, then went on to assembly, progressed to painting and so on and so forth, getting more and more involved.

We also fabricated steel launders, specially rubber-lined because of the abrasive and corrosive materials that they carry.

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