Kenro The ‘In-Bearer Of Good News’ For Vossloh Cogifer And Rio Tinto

About This Project

Kenro Metal Services were recently involved in a trans-Australian project that was literally right on track.

Mining giant Rio Tinto had commissioned Vossloh Cogifer Australia, part of the renowned global railway equipment supply group, to install a series of In-Bearer switches for turnouts at Emu Siding, Pilbara in Western Australia.

Vossloh Cogifer knew precisely who to call to ensure the job was completed without a hitch – they had worked with Kenro Metal Services on numerous occasions and knew they could rely on Kenro to deliver.

The Queensland metal manufacturer developed, manufactured and supplied the In-Bearers (also known as Hollow Steel Bearers) for the project, part of the 70km rail line duplication between the port at Cape Lambert and Emu Siding.

What made this project particularly notable was the fact that Kenro are based in Toowoomba Queensland, Vossloh Cogifer are headquartered in Castlemaine, regional Victoria, and the In-Bearers were shipped directly to Western Australia…making it a real tri-state triumph.

To those outside the rail industry, In-Bearers are a vital component in track and switch technology.

Traditionally, to facilitate tamping (pulling the stones back into the track to give the sleepers firmer support) the rodding had to be dismantled; not so with the Kenro hollow steel bearers which offer a more efficient maintenance operation.

With these innovative metal components, the hydraulic rams, switch gear and rodding are partially enclosed in the bearer – this also provided protection against dirt, dust and weather.

Heavy steel bending and cutting, plus welding, fabrication & machining strengths called upon.

Kenro have a long-standing relationship with Vossloh Cogifer and have worked together on many successful projects.

This Pilbara Project required them to be at their multi-tasking best.

Kenro assisted with design and development, and looked after other facets of manufacture and supply such as applying special coatings before delivery for this project.

The component manufacture process involved:

Vossler Cogifer had two specific requirements for this project.

One, that the equipment be fully assembled in Kenro’s state-of-the-art workshop and shipped as complete units to Western Australia; this was to ensure the In-Bearers were in full working order right from Day 1 and that there would be no onsite glitches.

And two, that every component be identified with a serial number for see-at-a-glance maintenance checks.

If a replacement component is needed urgently, Rio Tinto can simply quote the corresponding number and Kenro can quickly  consult their records, replicate the part and despatch it post haste.

When you’re literally miles from anywhere, it’s great to have such amazing peace of mind.

For Kenro, it’s all part of the service.

For further details of Kenro’s capabilities in Rail Construction, or assistance with any project within the Civil & Construction Industry, call  the Kenro team today on 617-46 999 888.

Some of the manufacturing processes used

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