Bridge Construction: Kenro supplies parapet brackets for Hunter Expressway

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About This Project

Parapet Brackets (or Levelling Brackets) may not have been one of the most high profile components of the bridges on the new $1.7 billion Hunter Expressway , but they have certainly made an extremely solid contribution.

The brackets, which had to be cast into concrete prior to being fitted, were a critical component that tied the pre-cast concrete parapets back to the bridge.

As well as offering strength and integrity, the parapets serve other purposes too.

They conceal a network of drainage pipes to prevent built-up water from spilling onto the road below, plus they were designed to help withstand possible vehicle impacts.

The Hunter Expressway is the largest infrastructure project currently underway in NSW and comes complete with 52 bridges.

Scheduled to open in March 2014, it is a 40 kilometre four-lane freeway linking the F3 Freeway near Seahampton and the New England Highway, west of Branxton.
Subcontracted by a construction company working under the jurisdiction of both the NSW Department of Infrastructure and Transport and the Australian Government Department of Planning and Infrastructure,  Kenro displayed their trademark flair, knowhow and teamwork during this long-term bridge construction project.

Operating in tandem with another supplier to bring it all together, Kenro delivered on all counts and lived up to their brand promise: Where innovation meets excellence.

Kenro were supplied with engineers’ drawings and made the components with the speed, efficiency and precision they are noted for.

As the project was developed in stages from August 2010 onwards, all components were manufactured and delivered in stages, as and when needed.

The parapet brackets were delivered to both the concrete pre-caster and to their steel reinforcing manufacturer who welded them into the actual reinforcing.
As the parapet brackets were cast into the concrete, no galvanising was required in this instance, although Kenro are noted for their expertise with coatings and finishing.

Kenro are rapidly becoming bridge bracket specialists, given that they are also supplying fixings to the 11.5km Majura Parkway project in the ACT.
For further details of Kenro’s capabilities in Bridge Construction, or assistance with any project within the Civil & Construction Industry, call us today on 617-46 999 888.

Some of the manufacturing processes used