New Parallel Runway – Steel Formwork

  • New Parallel Runway Concrete - Steel Formwork
  • Skyway Formwork Shutters
  • Fabricated steel formwork shutters for New Parallel Runway at Brisbane Airport
  • Dowel Cradles for the New Parallel Runway
  • Fabricated Steel Formwork shutters for concrete at Brisbane airport

About This Project

Client: Skyway Joint Venture – BMD Constructions & CPB Contractors
Location: Brisbane, QLD


Brisbane Airports New Parallel Runway Project was an award-winning project Kenro is proud to be a part of. The Skyway JV delivered an impressive 3.3km runway as well as a 12km taxiway system. The upgrade allows the airport to double its capacity, enabling the airport to meet the demands of the growing community.


Kenro was contracted by Skyway to manufacture and deliver the steel formwork and dowel cradles for the taxiway. A collaborative effort between Kenro & Skyway led to an impressive design for the steel formwork which was focused on increasing site efficiencies.


After working together on the New Parallel Runway, project manager Rex Clarke (BMD) said,

“Kenro very helpfully collaborated closely with us in the design stage to help us reduce the cost of our product and increase our efficiency on site. You’re always on time with your deliveries. When we had issues, you were more than happy to come to site a few times and sort them out. The quality was high. While it was cheaper to go offshore we still went with Kenro based on past experience. It’s been good working together with Kenro.”

Grame Fenemore (BMD) also told us, “I’ve been very happy with Kenro. You always respond to our changing needs, you’ve certainly given consistent service, and you’re open to helping us find solutions to our issues.”

Kenro has gained knowledge and experience after manufacturing the steel for several major projects such as:

  • RAAF Amberley – C17
  • Brisbane Airport – New Parallel Runway
  • RAAF Amberley – Growler
  • RAAF Amberley – Battlefield Airlifter
  • Sunshine Coast Airport – New Runway
  • AAC Oakey – Apron
  • RAAF Base East Sale

The forms have all been custom designed and manufactured for each individual project working in close consultation with the people using the forms while capitalizing on learnings from collective past experiences, and with a focus on maximizing site efficiencies. Some of the products manufactured for these projects include:

  • Forms / Shutters
  • Shutter extensions
  • End Forms
  • Ground Stakes
  • Corner Joiners
  • Spacers
  • Stabilizing Brackets
  • Lifting devices
  • Formwork Flashings
  • Plastic Grommets
  • Dowel Cradles
  • Aircraft Tie-down Anchors
  • Ramps
  • Cover Plates
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