Oakey Creek Bridge Replacement

About This Project


The Oakey Creek Rail Bridge is located approximately 30km north-west of Toowoomba. This is a vital piece of infrastructure in the area as it is used by coal trains to transport coal from South-West Queensland through to the Port of Brisbane.

Over 100 years old, the timber Oakey Creek Rail Bridge was still supporting the coal transport until it was decided on to replace the bridge by the Toowoomba Regional Council.


The greatest challenge in this project was time. There was a scheduled track closure of 60 hours only. This meant project management was imperative! Communication with all parties was necessary to ensure everything was on site and in spec on time!


Due to the track schedule being so short, there was much preparation to be done. Davbridge pre-built the new piers which had to support the new bridge deck (which was installed during track closure) and installed them under the old bridge prior the weekend.
The new bridge deck spans were manufactured and preassembled at a nearby facilities to be able to be installed in the track closure time.
During the track closure, Davbridge removed the old timber bridge and installed each of the new deck spans on top of the new built piers.
Kenro worked along with Davbridge in the supply of the maintenance access walkways and also supported the unique project by installing a time lapse camera on site to provide Davbridge with a full video footage of the project over the 60 hours of track closure.
The steel works in the maintenance access walkways supplied by Kenro included:

  • Hand Rails
  • Walkway Frame
  • Support Brackets
  • and more


Almost two hours ahead of schedule the new bridge was certified fit for reopening! Congratulations to the enormous effort, involving around-the-clock works, and amazing project management.
The 80 meter long concrete bridge which now stands is a much safer and reliable infrastructure than the 100 year old timber bridge for the coal supply to continue.
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