Protective Metal Coating

Protective Metal Coating

Protective Coating specialists

Metal finishing is paramount at Kenro. To add the finishing touches to an already comprehensive service, we offer coating, assembly and packaging. Furthermore, your order is delivered right to your door!

With access to some of the largest coating facilities in Australia, we’re confident we can manage your project – regardless of size. We can provide certification sheets on coatings, giving you the confidence you deserve.


Kenro has years of experience with galvanizing. We’ll assist you with your fabrication designs in order to achieve a product that galvanizes well. This helps reduce the cost of cleanup, and improves the longevity of your products.

  • Hot dip Galvanizing – large bath sizes available
  • Centrifuge Spin Galvanizing – good for smaller parts, reduces burrs and excess galvanizing lumps
  • Mechanical Galvanizing – for premium quality and finish
  • Galvanizing Stripping – removes old coatings prior to re-coating

Zinc Plating

Whether you’re looking for a nice finish, or a tough protective coating, Kenro offers a range of options for you. Call us today to discuss with our team!

  • Silver or Gold Zinc – Provides an even, shiny finish with the option of Silver or a Gold-Yellow appearance
  • SuperZinc – For  a brighter look, and longer life. Very popular and affordable.
  • SAE5 – This is a premium coating system. Predominantly used on automotive parts, this coating is extremely tough. It has a mottled gold, red and blue colour.

Powder Coating & Painting

If you are needing a durable coating, or simply something that looks good, we have a number of options for you.

  • Powdercoating – Popular for indoor applications. Full colour range available.
  • Painting – We can work with most painting systems. Talk to our team about your requirements.
  • Priming – If you’d prefer to arrange your own painting, but would like to get your parts pre-primed.
  • Sand Blasting – we can arrange your parts to be blasted exactly to your specifications.

Assembly & Packaging

Following the metal finishing of your parts, we’ll assemble them for you. Whether you require bolts or rivets to be inserted or multi-component assemblies, we’ll do it all for you!

We can pack the product in boxes, or bags and attach labels exactly as you require.

Yes, we offer a COMPREHENSIVE Protective Metal Coating service!

Regardless of what you want, put Kenro Metal Services to the test. Talk to one of our friendly, helpful experts now on 0746 999 888 and find out exactly how we can be of service.

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