How do we support Civil Contractors?

How do we support Civil Contractors?

Bridges: Road, Rail, Pedestrian & Pipe.

General Bridge Fabrication: Balustrades, Bridge Balustrade, Bridge Posts, Headstocks, Girders, Posts, Beams, Hold Down Anchors, Hold Down Bolts, Bridge Safety Rail, Bridge Pedestrian Rail, Bridge Cycle Rail, Water Main & Sewer Pipe Support Brackets and Hand Rails.

Road Bridge Fabrication: Parapet Leveling Brackets, Bridge Rail, Bridge traffic Rail, Bearing Plates, Bridge Barriers, Guard Rail, Barrier Posts and Bridge Posts.

Rail Bridge Fabrication: Cover Plates, Expansion Joint Covers, Joint and Recess Covers and Maintenance Access Walkways.

Water main and Sewer support Bridges: Water main and Sewer Support Bridges.

Precast Concrete:

Whisker Plates, Embedded Tension Ties, Parapet Leveling Brackets, Precast Barrier Connector Brackets, Barrier Transport Frames, Cast-In Brackets and Anchors, Protection Angles / Brackets and Formwork Brackets and Framing.

Roads and Highways:

Traffic Barriers Posts and Panels, Sound Barrier Angles, Post & Fence Brackets, Sign Posts and Sign Brackets.


Pit Lids, Trench Covers, Recess Covers, Transmission Covers, Road Crossing Pit Cover Sets and Junctionbox Cover plates.


Anchor Plates, Base Plates, Bolt Plates, Connector Plates, Pipe Brackets, Bollards, Stringers, Barrier, Bracing, Gussets, Spiggots, Platforms, Frames, Anchors, Lifting Lugs & Loops, Fixing Brackets, Channels, Spacers, Shims, Adaptors, Linkages, Platforms, Banner Poles, Telemetry Towers, Caps and Cones.

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