Metal Parts Assembly

Metal Parts Assembly


We fit and assemble your metal parts to your precise requirements.

Kenro Metal Services go to great lengths to design, manufacture and fabricate quality metal products and components – offering a full range of services including cutting, punching, bending, pressing, stamping, deburring and welding.

We then apply protective coatings according to your specifications, be it powder-coating, zinc plating, painting or galvanising.

Following all that, our assembly division brings it all together.

We can even incorporate parts from other sources, including free-issue components.


Metal assembly is a very accurate process with everything fine tuned down to the last nut, bolt, washer or rivet, paying our renowned careful attention to detail.

Be they stand-alone metal parts, or combined with other parts or elements, you can be sure that everything will be exactly as agreed…ready to be packaged and shipped to your site as promised and on time!

However as it completes the process, it is a crucial step.

We believe that the more pre-assembly we do, the easier it will be for you… and our aim is to remove as many pain points as possible.

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